EXPLOTANGO Cardona Rave Marathon

Exploit the tango to the steps of Barcelona
Explotango Cardona Rave Maraton

We propose to you
We invited to you
We hoped to see you here
in order to dance without stopping for 3 days!

7/8/9 of September 2018
Palau Guals
Cardona (90km from Barcelona)

* With a varied proposal of Djs (looking to play between traditional tango, today's tango and alternative music)
* A venue with 3 dance rooms
* Mediterranean cuisine by Sergio Grispello (il grande Cuoco)
* Accommodation, showers and sauna !!!
*Laboratory of the senses (tango workshop)
* Yoga and Relax sessions =)

… and for the most resistants an EXTRA NIGHT!

Whole the info:

See you here!!
Gi y Alex
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